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Xmas  Tree








Mature Poplar winter                  Cylindrical fir 22yr     1800.00

20 yr   900.00 3 in stock                One of kind only


12 yr Cedar 300.00  x 2         winter                  Box wood 12yr   250.00 x 8


 Although smaller decorative plants and shrubs are not the main focus at Dogwood Nursery we do grow and supply them.  Hey...... "ya gotta pays the rent"   as the saying goes.  That's were the money is anyway.


Boxwood untrimmed  200.00                   Manicured decor Fir 185.00

4 in stock                                               last one in stock


 Yellow min Cedar 4 in stock 360.00                     Cypress 24 yr one only 350.00




Description SKU # Price
Cedar sku-1 3 yr 5 ea
Taxis sku-2 15yr 2 to 400ea
Broom sku-3 7 yr  80 ea




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