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Types of Trees




Xmas  Tree







We cater primarily to tree brokers and landscapers by offering mature trees in excellent health.  Whether you want a centre piece for a golf course or trees to replace those destroyed by forest fire as happened in Kelona and don't have time to wait twenty years....we will fill that void.

Mature Bushes


  • Taxus 15yr             Cedar 12 yr           Broom  15 yr
  • Mature  Trees


    Poplar   950.00                             Purple Beech in fall  3 available  1900.00 ea
    Moving of  Mature Trees

    Trans planting of large mature trees is a much more complex procedure than simply digging up a shrub in your common nursery.  The roots have to be cut in the fall and packed with sawdust (we have it on hand) then the tree itself is moved in the spring.  All this takes time and planning.


    We also sell daycare products ala Regio Emelia pedogomy, such as beaver stumps, pine cones and bird nests



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