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Types of Trees




Xmas  Tree








General all round day to day farming with friends and relatives

bullet    Gramps roses 50 yr old
bulletWinter sledding with Em and Cathy    
bullet  Fighting beavers
bullet25 foot Grape vine (not for sale)         4X4 tractoring in the woods
bulletbut cuttings purchased at 2.00 ea


Bees and Apiary services
We supply our orchard and our neighbourhood with pollination and honey
Fruit trees and Fruit
Granny Smith Apple   Crab apple  Delicious Apple       Cherry


Apricot              Yellow plum        Purple Plum   Peach      Macintosh Apple

Garlic Adventure   and     Echinacea
Fateful attempt at other cash crops

Reference Accounts

Other dangerous adventures by the foolhardy and reckless
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